Friday, January 30, 2015

Do You Have A Story For One Of These Books?

The poster pic above has nothing to do with today's post but it sure seemed perfect for the way I'm feeling this morning. The week has been filled with many things I've had to deal with. Nothing awful, nor major in importance--just 'stuff' to take care of and worry about. Plus, the week has flown by like a tornado across Kansas. Whoosh!

The real topic of this post is to remind you of the books Chicken Soup for the Soul has in the works. Deadlines are all workable for you to start on a new story or work on an old one to whip it into better shape. Following is the list of possible books:

1. Dreams and Premonitions:  Deadline March 15, 2015

2. Make Your Own Luck:  Deadline March 31, 2015

3. Stories About the Christmas Season:  Deadline March 31, 2015

4. Think Possible:  Deadline April 30, 2015

5, Volunteering and Giving Back:  Deadline February 15, 2015

Go to this page to read about the kinds of stories wanted for each book. Then check the story guidelines to refresh your memory. Be sure to check them again after you have written your story to see if it fits the requirements of a Chicken Soup story.

When your story is written and edited, use the submission page to send it. There are several lines to be filled in by you. Check them carefully before you hit the Submit button at the end of the page.

I'd say Good Luck to all who enter but I think Good Writing would be a better sentiment. You and I both know that it isn't by luck that our work is accepted. Good writing is the key element--that and following the guidelines.

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