Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Write Your Halloween Family Stories Now

Telling Halloween Stories

This being Halloween week, it occurred to me that those of us keeping Family Stories Books need to delve back into our memory banks and write a family story or two  to add to the ones already in the book. 

For newer readers, I have urged people to write those family stories we are all so good at telling around a holiday dining table. Hearing these family treasures is wonderful, but they need to be written and kept as a record for your children, grandchildren and generations to come. One of the things you should be sure to do is to date your entries and to add whatever dates you can to the stories. Years from now, the ones who read your efforts will be appreciative. 

What kind of stories should you include for Halloween? We all have memories of certain years that we or a sibling had an unusual costume, a scary party to attend, or a laughable mishap while out Trick or Treating. Maybe your dad ate most of your Halloween candy. 

Did you like Halloween? Or were you like me and listed it as your least favorite holiday? I've written a short essay on that subject which was published a few years ago. You can read it here. I've posted it on the blog a couple times so will just leave the link for those who have not read it.

What was your favorite Halloween costume? Which one did you hate? Which one did your mom insist you wear, even though you didn't want to? What kind of Halloween celebration did you have in school? Years ago, schools often had parades and parties and children wore costumes to school. Not so much anymore. 

Where did you Trick or Treat? Did you have any house in your neighborhood that the kids were wary of going to? Did you play tricks on the night of October 31st? Did your mom make special Halloween treats? Were you ever scared on Halloween?

Add your Halloween stories to your Family Stories Book now. Once the holiday is over, you'll forget about them again until next year. 

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