Thursday, October 9, 2014

So Much Talent Awes Me

The sunflower represents Kansas so well. It always appears to be smiling to me. But then, I'm also one of those people who see pictures in cloud formations. Even if these sunflowers don't appear to be smiling, you must admit that they are a cheerful sight. K-State planted an entire field of them across the street from the football stadium. What a joy to drive by on my way to do errands.

The reason I'm bringing up sunflowers and Kansas is that this mornng, two Kansas authors had good news to share. Ronda Miller has a wonderful poem at this link. It's filled with remembrance and emotion. I'm sure Ronda would love to have comments left after you read and savor her poem titled Moon Stain.

Another Kansas poet had good news today. Two of his poems are featured in Kansas City Voices fall issue. Roy is a fine poet and has been a guest blogger here. Roy's poems are Jack 1941-1959 and Ways of the Wind. Read excerpts here of some of the poems in Roy's debut book of poetry. I love the title of the book. Its Music I Once Could Dance To. 

It's been a pleasure to have met so many Kansas writers through the Kansas Authors Club, which just happens to have an annual state convention this weekend in Hutchinson, Kansas. I'm looking forward to mingling with people who love the writing world as much as I do. There are so many other members, besides Ronda and Roy, who will have their books for sale Saturday and Sunday. Browsing in the Book Room leaves me in awe of the marvelous talent of so many people. Novelists, poets, Short Story writers and more. Yep, awe is the proper word to use. 

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