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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Can You Write A Sexy Story?

I have an urgent call for submissions for you today. The Publishing Syndicate publishes an anthology series called Not Your Mother's Book on... They are in need of more stories for the newest title which will be Not Your Mother's Book on Sex.

No, they don't want raunchy tales but they do want some that are fun, maybe even a bit quirky. I think that perhaps writers are a bit reluctant to reveal this side of their life in a story that thousands will read. Most of us were taught that our sex life is a private thing. But you can write a good sex story without being too graphic.

One of my writer friends wrote one yesterday and sent it for my opinion. She had a funny story that was done just right. Not a blow by blow description of what occurred but enough to let the imagination of the reader take over. I did a minor editing and advised she send it in right away. I think it's a go!

So, where do you send these sexy stories? Go to this page for all the necessary info. Be sure to read the guidelines and about your choice of payment--either royalites or 10 books. Because this is a relatively new venture, the royalties are probably not going to amount to much. I have opted to take 10 books when I've been in one of their anthologies. Then again, it's always said in publishing circles that sex sells so maybe this one will be a bestseller!

This is one that you need to work on right away as the publishers are wanting to get this book in the works. Ponder on it today, pass the call along to other writer friends and send your stories.

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