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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Birth Day Party Eight Years Ago

The Birthday Boy

Eight years ago today, our only grandson was born. He joined our three granddaughters who had already brought light and joy into our lives like none we'd ever known. I remember the day Cole was born as if it had happened yesterday.

We had gotten home from church around 10 a.m. that Sunday. I changed my clothes and settled down with a cup of coffee and the Sunday papers. Around noon, the phone rang. My daughter, sounding a bit frustrated, told me she was on her way to the hospital. "Didn't you see the message?" she asked. I normally check for phone messages as soon as we come in the door but for some strange reason, that morning, I did not. I'd missed her alert that this would probably be the day, even though the baby was not due until September.

We quickly gathered a few things together as I knew I'd be spending the next week or so helping with a 3 year old and a new baby. Off we went for the two hour ride to the Kansas City area hospital. As Ken passed car after car on the interstate, I took note of one license plate from Iowa that said Dallas County at the bottom. It startled me because my mother had been born and raised in Dallas County, Iowa. It truly felt like a message from Heaven telling me she knew about the great event about to take place. 

Cole James made his appearance late that Sunday afternoon. Big sister, Jordan, thought he was pretty wonderful. Weeks earlier, she had told her parents that her new brother was going to bring her a present. Her mother asked what that present might be. "A necklace," she answered. And sure enough, when we had our first look at this new baby boy, there was a present on the table for Jordan from Cole. Believe it or not, it was a necklace. 

I've found that I have been very emotional at the birth of my grandchildren. The thought that this is the child of my child is pretty thrilling. When I first held Cole, I couldn't help but think about that Dallas County, Iowa license plate I'd seen earlier in the day, making my mother's presence known during this wonderful time for our family. The hospital room was filled with joyous grandparents on both sides, parents, big sister and this brand new baby boy who has captured all our hearts these past eight years. Truly a Birth Day Party.

Have you written about the day your children and/or grandchidren were born? If you haven't, do it soon. Add it to your Family Memories book. 

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