Friday, March 28, 2014

A Granddaughter's Birthday Begins A New Project


Today I am being rather nostalgic as this is our second granddaughter's 15th birthday. Gracen arrived on March 28th, 1999--a full three weeks prior to her due date. She's been in a hurry ever since. She had the good fortune to have a next door neighbor who was a professional drummer. Miss April introduced Gracen to the drum world at a very early age. The picture at the left is of Gracen trying out the drums, princess tiara in place.

When she was a bit older, Miss April offered to give her lessons and Gracen has been playing drums and marimba ever since. This last year, she was part of the Marching Band at her high school in suburban Dallas.

Regular readers here know that I urge everyone to write their family stories on a regular basis. I have dozens written about my parents, siblings, myself and parts of my husband's family, as well. It dawned on me today that I have not written very many stories about my grandchildren. Color me red! Those fun 'growing up' stories of the four of them should be included in my Family Memories book. It will be fun for them to read  when they are adults and perhaps parents and later on, grandparents, themselves. Maybe it will encourage them to write stories of their own.

If you haven't included grandchildren stories in your own memory book, be sure to give consideration to doing so.

I can begin with the story about the night Gracen was born and go right on with her fascination with Tinkerbelle, her drum sessions, the birthday party we attended with her friends at Bonkers and her love for her big sister from the time she was a tiny tot. Oh yes, there are many Gracen stories. And lots of them about my other three grandchildren, too.

I must thank Gracen for pushing me into a new project today. Will do that right after wishing her a Happy 15th Birthday.

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