Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Final Call For A New Chicken Soup Title

There's a deadline coming up for a Chicken Soup for the Soul book. This one is on Challenges/Finding Inner Strength. So many of us have faced challenges in our lifetime. Whether as a child or a teen or an adult, it doesn't matter. We have been faced with a challenge at various times and we've drawn deep into the well of inner strength we all have. Oh yes, we all have it but it might be deeper down for some more than others.

When did you have an obstacle on your life journey that you had to overcome or sink? Was it in your sports life? Your academic life? Your life as a newlywed? Or as you became, or tried to become, a parent? Was it when your marriage fell apart? Or when you lost your best friend and didn't know where to turn to find another? Was it when one of your children had a major life crisis? Or perhaps something else?

All of us have met challenges of one kind or another during our lifetime. Some much greater than others. Some that seemed great at the time. Here's what Chicken Soup is looking for, as posted on their website. The deadline is coming up in only days. Do you have a story in your files that might work with a little editing and polishing? Or can you come up with something brand new? I'm thinking hard on one I'd like to write.

Overcoming Challenges/Finding Inner Strength 
Our writers surprise us with their ability to Overcome Challenges and Find Their Inner Strength. It is amazing how people demonstrate resilience, find hope, and use positive thinking in situations they never dreamed would happen to them. We would like to know what challenges you have faced in your life and what you did to overcome them. Are you recovering from health problems, financial difficulties or the loss of a loved one? What changes did you make to help you cope with these issues and turn negative into positive? Your stories will give our readers inspiration and insight into how others are coping and let them know that there is hope and recovery even in adversity.The deadline for story and poem submissions for this title was October 31, 2013. We have extended it to MARCH 31, 2014. If you have already submitted a story or poem for this title please do not submit it again. We have it in our database and it will be considered for this book.

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