Monday, December 9, 2013

A Perfect Birthday Cake For A Reader

This takes the cake! (Sorry, couldn't resist). What avid reader wouldn't love to get a birthday cake made of books? As long as part of the cake is edible and the books not damaged, it would be great, wouldn't it?

Today, I went to a local bookstore to pick up a few Christmas gifts, not books but other things the bookstore sells. I found what I was looking for immediately and checked 3 gifts off my list. But there is no way that I can enter a shop filled with books of all kinds and not look at a few. Alright, maybe more than a few. Yes, a whole bunch! 

Every time I visit this wonderland of books, there are new arrivals that I need to browse through. While doing so today, I found two more Christmas gifts to check off my list.

Books are a wonderful gift. Ask for a gift receipt, and if by chance, the person you are giving the book to has already read it, he/she can take it back and select another. It would please me to get several books for gifts. I'd have to add them to my stack waiting for me to read, but the anticipation of what lay ahead in this new year coming up would be great fun. 

Some might say that it's too hard to choose a book for someone else. I don't think it is because if you know the person well enough to give a gift to them, you know what their interests are. If you want to be sure the person has not read the book, go to that New Arrival section to find one. You could give a gift card to a bookstore but, nice as that might be, I'd still love to open a package that held a book. Wouldn't you?

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