Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fifteen Blessings In My Writing World

This is the week we're all suppose to be thankful, to ponder on the positives in our lives. Today, I'm going to list some of the blessings in my writing world.

I'm grateful for:

1. my online critique group--writersandcritters.

2. the many friends I've made through my writing endeavors.

3. the many times my work has been published.

4. the rejections that make me take a good look at what I've written.

5. having always been a good speller,

6. understanding grammar and its importance in writing.

7. the myriad books I've read about writing.

8. the writing conferences I've been able to attend.

9. my blog.

10. the authors who have asked me to read and review their books.

11. knowing that I must continue to learn and grow as a writer.

12. the many fine editors I've had occasion to work with.

13. the fact that story ideas keep coming to me.

14. seldom having to deal with Writer's Block.

15. being able to write in more than one genre.

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