Friday, May 24, 2013

A Young Woman To Admire

Answers to the whereabouts of the picture prompts of yesterday. #1 was a street carousel in Strasbourg, France. #2 was Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia where a Swiss Airline crashed a number of years ago. The lighthouse in the picture is now a post office. #3 are the Rondavel huts in a camp in Krueger Park Game Reserve in South Africa.

The picture above is of Petra Niedermayerova who is a member of our Kansas State University tennis team. We met her through the student we hosted last year. Janka is from Slovakia and she and Petra were friends. She asked if she could bring Petra to dinner one night in 2011. We have been friends with Petra ever since and have watched her K-State tennis career with great interest, even though I understand only the basics of the game.

Petra is from Brno, Czech Republic and is spending 4 years at K-State playing tennis and studying economics. She is a top student, an excellent tennis player and a lovely person. This week Petra is playing in the NCAA Nationals in Urbana, IL. 

We happened to be coming to the same area to visit one of Ken's brothers. We got here yesterday in time to watch Petra's second singles match on a cold, windy afternoon. She had beaten a girl from Stanford on Wednesday and yesterday, she won a tie breaker over a player fromUCLA. Then last night Petra and her doubles partner, Carla, won their match.

The win yesterday means that Petra has the school record for number of wins. A big congratulations to her!

We are going back to the Tennis Center this morning to watch Petra's next singles match. Win or lose today, she will always be a winner to us. But we're hoping she'll come out on top again today.

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