Thursday, May 23, 2013

3 Picture Prompts--Guess the Location

Picture Prompt #1

Here is another picture prompt for you. I considered telling you where it was taken, but that might spoil it for you. Better that you start without knowing what town this is. I will tell you that it is not in the USA. I see great possibilities with this one.

All the prompts here today are pictures from trips we have taken. I'll tell you on Friday where they are. Maybe you can come up with a guess. If so, put it in the comments section, check tomorrow and see if you were right. Remember--let your imagination run wild with these prompts.

Picture Prompt #2

This place we visited was very emotional for me. A great tragedy happened here. It also is not in the USA.

Picture Prompt #3

You can probably guess that these places to stay were not in the USA. We spent a pleasant night in one of them. Can you set a story here? Writer a descriptive paragraph? 

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