Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Writers Need Writers

Charlie Brown is wiser than his years. He's got it right in this poster. For a writer doing them with the right people can mean that writers would benefit from spending time with those who have the same interest, the same passion in the written word.

It's one of the reasons to attend conferences, seminars and lectures in the writing field. You'll be surrounded by others who also write. You'll gain a lot by listening to the questions they ask those who are presenting a topic. You'll reap a golden harvest when you share a meal with several others or at the social hour. It's uplifting to listen to other writers talk about their successes, and it's comforting to learn how many of the same problems you have plague the others, too. 

You can't go to a conference every week, but if you have a local writers club or group, take advantage of having other writers close at hand. It's a great place to rant a bit when you have a writing problem. Your nonwriter friends really don't want to hear what you're going through, but other writers can offer a bit of comfort or point out a way to solve the problem. They'll also be almost as thrilled as you are when you sell a story or poem. They feel your joy just as they feel your pain. Empathy is the keyword here.

Spend time one-on-one with a writer friend, even if it has to be through email rather than sitting across a table eating lunch together. A good many of my writer friends live in other states, even other countries, so my long chats with them are only possible through email. What a blessing it is to be able to chat with these other writers through that medium. 

You need a life outside your writing world but it's also wise to increase the size of your writing world by fostering relationships with other writers whenever possible. 

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