Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Little Late in Posting Today

I'm quite late with my post today because I had to take my computer to the hospital yesterday. I'd been dealing with an occasional blue screen problem and finally gave in to the fact that it needed some work to get rid of it. You've probably heard of The Blue Screen of Death. I'd tried to live with it by rebooting when it happened. It only occurred once a day and sometimes not for a couple days, but finally....

So, off to the computer hospital to see Mr. Bear. No, not a real bear, just the man's name. He's reliable and has done work for us in the past. Sure enough, he had it ready by four o'clock today. 

I was totally lost without the computer all day and evening yesterday, and again this morning. I thought of a dozen messages I needed to send and things I wanted to work on. Most mornings, I read the paper, then fix breakfast, and after we eat, I take my coffee into my office and get started on email and my blog post while sipping that nice, hot cup of coffee. This morning, I finished breakfast and was ready to head to the office with my coffee when I remembered that the computer desk was bare. 

Those of us who use a computer daily are so depnedent on it. We received a nice invitation in yesterday's snail mail to a resort on a special deal and we wanted to look it up and check it out. Oooops, no computer. Who would have ever believed 30 years ago that a small machine would be so important to us? 

If your computer is giving you problems, take a bit of advice. Get it fixed before it just plain up and dies. 

Back tomorrow with a regular post.

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