Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Perfect Picture Prompt On A Winter Day

So many people are dealing with lots of snow this week, others with heavy rains, high winds and more. What could be more idyllic at a time like this than the picture above? My husband and I have this running disagreement. He loves vacationing in the mountains, but I would choose a place near water every time. It's the most soul-soothing place I know. Maybe those majestic mountain peaks soothe Ken's soul the same way that water does for me. Whether it's a lake, river, or ocean that I'm near, I have a tremendous sense of peace.

Last week, when we were in Florida, I found myself lingering with coffee or a glass of wine, depending on the time of day, on the lanai that looked out on waves rushing up to meet the beach sands. Over and over again, but even so, the scene itself was ever-changing. Sometimes there were lots of people on the beach while at other times, it was devoid of humans. Birds swooping down for fish in the water was a common sight. Sailboats slid quietly by off and on, and an occasional parasail appeared. The evening sunsets were almost too beautiful to describe with each one different from the night before, the colors in the sky changing so rapidly you dared not look away until the sun disappeared for that day.

Today, use the picture above as a writing prompt. Does it appeal to you? Or not? You could use this picture to write a romance fiction piece, an adventure story, a descriptive poem, or a creative nonfiction story. Even  an essay. Maybe this picture is not one that appeals to you. If that's the case, you can still write something about it but perhaps in a different vein.

Study the picture carefully. What do you see? What could it mean? Where do you think the picture was taken? Who is looking out the window? Ask yourself these questions and more, then start to write. Make it a paragraph or a fully finished story. 

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