Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Looking For A New Market?

There have been several anthology series over the past few years. Chicken Soup for the Soul is probably the most successful with its name recognized in a flash by readers around the world. Cup of Comfort rode high on the success ladder for a number of years but quit publishing a year or so ago. Thin Threads published a few books which were just excellent but they, too, have ceased publications. Guideposts have had several series of anthology books with a Christian theme. There have been others, too, over the years that have published one or two books and then disappeared.

The newest series was developed by Ken and Dahlynn McKowen. Once affiliated with the Chicken Soup publishers, they decided to strike out on their own with a series titled Not Your Mother's Book... The rest of the title will be on various subjects. They wanted a book comparable to the Chicken Soup books but one in which an author could take a few liberties that other books might not allow, that would address subjects others didn't tackle. They wanted edgy, humorous stories. Don't worry--they aren't x-rated by any means.

As I told you yesterday, my story, There's A Small Hotel, is going to be in the newest release which deals with travel stories. I wouldn't consider this story to be edgy by any means, nor is it particularly laugh-out-loud humorous, but something appealed to the editor and I'm thankful for that. The book will be released on March 26th. Look for it on Amazon and in bookstores.

Check here for more about the NYMB series along with submission guidelines. Follow the guidelines carefully if you want your story to be considered. Read here to learn more about Dahlynn and Ken McKowen and the Publishing Syndicate they own.

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