Thursday, January 10, 2013

Use A Search Engine To Find Markets

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This morning, I googled the words publications with writers guidelines and in a matter of seconds a treasure trove popped up. 

The first one looks like a keeper. When you have some time, look at this website and click on the various categories that fit your writing. It looks to me like you could spend many hours on this site.

There was a site that listed Christian markets. Those interested in that field might check it out. I noticed that it was dated 2010, so do be aware that some of what they list may no longer be in existence but many will be.

One called All Freelance Writing  had a lengthy list to study.  This website had ten pages of magazine writers guidelines. 

My search also turned up many, many individual magazines that publish their writer guidelines. Far too many for me to list here. Do a google search, or with some other search engine, and look at the magazines that are of interest to you. Start creating your own list, put in a file and keep it for reference. 

Search engines are a writer's friend. You can find almost anything by putting a few words in a box, then sit back and wait to see what pops up. Sometimes, you need to use more than one set of keywords to find what you're looking for. I just happened to hit gold with the 4 words I selected this morning. 

What are you waiting for? Start your search engines and tiptoe through the tulips! 

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