Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Marketing Part 3: You Or The Writing Fairy?

Wouldn't it be nice to have a Writing Fairy who sits near your computer to do all the marketing work for you? Dream on! Not gonna happen. The cruel reality is that it is you who must do it.

We've talked this week about where to find markets and the importance of reading and following submission guidelines. 

Today's post regards a question that writers sometimes ask. Is it better to write the piece and then find a market or find a market you like and write something geared to it? Good question with no definitive answer. I hate to sound wishy-washy but the answer is yes on both counts.

Sometimes I write something with no particular market in mind. Then I set about searching for a place where I think it might be a fit. The longer you are in the writing world, the easier that becomes as you have a mental list of a number of markets. But don't rely only on those you've submitted to in the past. Keep them in mind but also look for new markets. Step out of your comfort zone. 

Occasionally, I run across a publication that appeals to me for one reason or another. If I have nothing in my files that fits it, I'm often inspired to write something new to submit. That's all very positive because writers need to keep writing new material. 

On another note, a good place to learn about new markets is through writer's newsletters. Most of them offer news about the writing world, articles on the craft of writing and some markets in each issue. There are so many of these newsletters in the cyberworld that writers need to be selective. Subscribe to too many and you eat deeply into your writing time. 

All the information I've given you this week might backfire and end up discouraging you rather than pushing you into finding a home for your writing. We know that knowledge is key, and to sell your writing you need to know as much as you can about the marketing process. Keep writing but also make marketing an ongoing process, as well. 

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