Friday, January 4, 2013

Part A and Part B--You Need Both

The poster above has nothing to do with today's post but I liked it and thought some of you would, also. Last year, someone gave me a gift card to use at Amazon. It was a perfect gift for someone like me who loves books. I'd have loved to have a dozen gift cards like that to increase the volume of books on my personal bookshelves.

We've talked a bit about goals in our writing life this week. One of mine is to spend some time this month searching markets to see if there is a fit with any of the calls for submissions. We forget that writing is Part A and the marketing Part B. Remember when you learned how to make an outline in English class? The teacher told us over and over that you cannot have Part A without Part B. 

It's definitely the same with our writing. Part A. Writing and Part B. Marketing must work together. You cannot have one without the other if you want to see your work published. They're like salt and pepper.

Years ago, writers had to scour the pages of market directories put out by Writer's Digest and others. It took hours and hours and the books were soon outdated. They were expensive when you considered buying the new one each year. There were directories for specialized writing---poetry, songwriting, children's, fiction, nonfiction. Then a large one that encompassed some of all the types of writing. 

Today, we have the benefit of googling whatever topic for which we need information. I think, sometimes, that we take it too much for granted. It truly is a tremendous asset to us as writers. We can find the very latest information for each publication.

Keep writing--Part A--and continue marketing Part B. They go hand in hand. Next week, we'll talk more about markets. 

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