Thursday, January 3, 2013

Make A Promise To Yourself, Then Keep It!

Eat, Sleep and Read  is a website that also has a super facebook page. One of their posters is the basis for today's post. We all laugh at resolutions because they last such a short time. Before we know it, we're right back to doing the things we resolved not to do this year. 

But I think I could keep all the above, especially since 8 of the 10 tell me to Read. Easy! And I think I can smile and laugh plenty of times in 2013.

But what about other resolutions or promises we make to ourselves in our writing life? 

A member of my online writers group shared one of hers this morning with our group. She's going to write a poem every day in a new journal she received for Christmas. She said that she knows the poems will vary from good to mediocre to awful, but she also reasoned that, out of 365 poems written this year, at least a few will be good enough to submit to a contest or for publication.

I like her attitude. A lot! She isn't sitting around thinking about writing a poem every day. She's going to do it. I like that she knows not all of them will be excellent but that a few of them will attain that rating. 

I'd like to try something similar with my own writing this year. Not necessarily with poetry but perhaps with memoir. I'm still pondering on it and will decide soon because it's already January 3rd. Time to get going on those resolutions and promises we're making to ourselves. 

How about you? What will you promise yourself to do to enhance your writing life this year? Will you expand on your Memory Book? Will you try to write a poem everyday like my friend? Will you promise yoruself to do 3 writing exercises each week? Will you make a commitment to sub something to an editor every month? Or even every week? 

Whatever it is, if you stick with it all of 2013, you'll have enriched your writing life and perhaps found some publication success as well. Go for it! 

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