Monday, October 29, 2012

Writers Need Support

This poster made me laugh when I saw it on facebook this morning. But it also made me think about the support writers have. Or don't have! 

Starting out as a writer is sometimes scary business. Those suitcases filled with doubt and fear sit on one side of you and your computer, while on the other side, there are suitcases filled with hope and confidence. One way to lean to the hope and confidence side is to have a good support system.

We all respond to encouragement, some more than others, but we do feel a genuine lift when we know somebody believes in us and is willing to be our cheerleader. That support comes from various places. It can be a committee of one good friend. Or a critique group. It might be a beloved aunt or sister or spouse. These people believe in you and love you enough to help you unpack those negative suitcases. 

But what about those you know who don't give you the support you'd like? There could be family members who think you're crazy for setting sail in the rough seas of the writing world. Some might be quite vocal about it. Others might just ignore any successes you have, or the amount of time you spend writing. That hurts but if you're dedicated to what you're doing, you'll move on and hope that someday, they will change their reaction to your writing. In fact, it could spur you on with that I'll show 'em! attitude. 

For all of you who write and read this blog, I'd like you to know that I support you in your quest every day of the week. Whether you're hoping for a career as a writer or are a hobbyist writer, like me, I'm here to cheer you on and to tell you I'm proud and happy when you have a writing success. I'd love to have you post those successes here. It's not bragging. It's sharing! 

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  1. Nancy, I'm the person who designed this. It was originally a card. I stumbled on something tonight and found that it's everywhere. *lol* Glad you found it funny and thanks for reposting it.