Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Random Word Writing

full moon 02

No reason for this picture other than the spectacular full moon we saw last night. Truly an awesome sight. Is it any wonder that poets like to expound upon the moon, plus the fact that it rhymes with a lot of words? 

But on to today's post. In my critique group (writersandcritters), we do a weekly Random Word exercise. Members take turns in posting a word a week for a full month. They select the words in various ways. Some open a book or even the dictionary, close their eyes, and point. Wherever the finger lands determines the word for the week. Others use a theme, so they might post words that are seasonal or all action verbs. They might choose words that have to do with the military or schools or whatever else they come up with. 

The word, and sometimes a dictionary definition, is posted. The members who choose to do the exercise freewrite for no more than ten minutes. At the onset of the ten minutes, the writer is to write as fast as possible whatever comes to mind without self-editing. It can be drivel. It can be rhyming words. It can be fiction, something true or a memory the word triggers. Anything! 

When the ten minutes are up, stop writing. Some put Time... at this point in case a thought is interrupted. Sometimes, what you've written really is drivel and worth very little. However, there are many times when something you've written has keywords that will help you write a new essay, story, or article. I've seen members in my group who have expanded on the ten minute exercise to a full piece ready to submit to the group for critique and then hopefully to submit for publication later. 

A Random Word exercise is a great way to warm up before you start your serious writing for the day. 

You can do your own Random Word by opening any book in your possession, close your eyes and let your finger land on a word. Then set the timer for ten minutes and write nonstop. Keep those fingers on your keyboard and write whatever comes to mind, no matter what it is. I've seen people write a few sentences then say something like this is worthless, where am I going with this? but that's OK. They are still writing.

To get you started, I'll give you a Random Word for today. The word is:  obnoxious


  [uhb-nok-shuhs]  Show IPA
highly objectionable or offensive; odious: obnoxious behavior.
annoying or objectionable due to being a showoff orattracting undue attention to oneself: an obnoxious littlebrat.
Archaic exposed or liable to harm, evil, or anythingobjectionable.
Obsolete liable to punishment or censure; reprehensibl

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