Monday, October 1, 2012

Red Flags And A Boost

Writers often have a burning desire to start a big writing project. Maybe short story writers want to try and write a full-length novel. Or perhaps a novelist has dreamed of writing a screenplay. A poet might want to try his hand at writing  a sci-fi novel.

Maybe you've already written your dream project. But now you stand on the edge of the cliff. Should you try to market it to a publishing house or self-publish? Would it be wise to keep it print only or go right into an ebook? Will any of it work?

Another scenario might go like this: You've been writing short stories for years. You've never had the courage to show them to anyone, let alone try to get them published. You know your work is better now than it was all those years ago. Should you start sharing your work?

Even another could be: You have always wanted to write but life got in your way, and now you're well past the age when most begin to write. There's a new course at your community college that is meant for beginning writers. Do you dare sign up?

We wrestle with these decisions and perhaps we ask ourselves the questions above. Caution, caution, caution with the first three, but look at the last one. I love that line "Give it a try," whispered the heart. It would be worth writing on a large piece of paper and posting near your computer. Whenever those red flags fly in your face, look at it again, and believe it.

Trying doesn't guarantee success, but at least you won't be left wondering what might have happened. So go ahead...Give it a try.

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