Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Anthology From Silver Boomer Books

The mailman brought my author copy of a new anthology from Silver Boomer Books today. I have a poem and a prose piece in the book which covers myriad holidays in a variety of ways--stories, poetry and memoir. 

Independence Day In Chicago is a memoir piece about the way we celebrated the 4th of July where I grew up. My poem, Flag Day Thoughts, is only two verses but commemorates Flag Day, which is celebrated on June 14th each year. You can read the story here where it is published under a different title. 

The book runs continuous quotes at the bottom of each page--an interesting addition. It has a larger than normal font size so would be a good gift for someone with vision difficulties.

Silver Boomer Books has several anthologies in print, nearing a dozen. I have been in one other book they have published. Flashlight Memories is filled with stories about memories of learning to read, loving to read and more--all about reading and childhood. My story in that book is titled My Path To Books. You can listen to me read the story here

Flashlight Memories

Flashlight Memories is available in paperback or a kindle edition at Amazon. The new anthology, A Quilt of Holidays is in paperback only at this time.

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