Thursday, August 23, 2012

How Do You Live Your Life?

I hardly think I need to write about the quote above, but maybe I should say a few words. Being me, that's a necessity. 

Writers do live a life that matters, Each one has many other facets of their life, but the writing part does matter. It means bringing readers a laugh, a tear, or a tug at the heart. Writers serve to entertain as well as teach through what they have written. They do make a difference in the lives of others. 

We know that every time a reader sends a positive comment. It's what gives us the incentive to keep writing and to know that what we do means something to many someones.

All of us, writers or not, should strive to live a life that matters to others. What we do in this life is important to our families and friends, but even more to ourselves. When we give of ourselves to others, we reap the benefits. Time and again, that fact has come home to me when we help out the new Czech exchange students who come to Kansas State University each year. We gain so much more than we give and what we do matters.

What do you do that matters in your life or someone else's? Don't be too humble, blow your horn a bit. Most people do something that is important to another person or persons. 

For you who are writers, keep on writing. Even when you don't receive feedback on your work and how it affects your readers, know that it does touch many a life. You're definitely living a life that matters.

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