Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Door county Days

Death's Door Sunset, Nearest Location: Northport Ferry Dock Wisconsin, Image Credit: Door County Visitor Bureau
A special view from a restaurant window

We've been relaxing in Door County, Wisconsin the last few days. Door County is the peninsula that looks like a thumb on the Wisconsin map. Filled with art galleries, fun shops, inns and resorts and good restaurants, it's the perfect spot for a summer sojourn. Known as the Cape Cod of the Midwest, this area is a prime target for those in Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan and of course, Wisconsinites. We visited here first when we lived in Illinois and have returned several more times.

This summer, it sounded so appealing as we lived through day upon day of 100+ degree heat in Kansas. So, we drove to the Chicago area first to see family and friends, then moved farther north. We stayed at the Nordic Inn, nestled in a wooded area. 

The temps have stayed in the low 70's with sunshine and a light breeze. Seems like Heaven! We've enjoyed strolling from shop to shop in the half a dozen towns that dot the peninsula. With names like Fish Creek, Ephraim, Sister Bay, Egg Harbor, Ellison Bay, Bailey's Harbor and Gill's Rock, how can you not want to explore each one?

The pictures here are taken from the Wisconsin Tourism site. I had planned to upload the pix from my camera, but I forgot to bring the cord. No wonder with all the other things I had to remember. 

Eagle Harbor Sunset, Nearest Location: Ephraim Wisconsin, Image Credit: Door County Visitor Bureau
Sunset View
Anderson Dock, Nearest Location: Ephraim Wisconsin, Image Credit: Door County Visitor Bureau
 Perfect place to relax

As always, I've enjoyed people watching here. So many different types of human beings, all of whom have a story of some kind. Hearing bits of conversations here and there gives hints of who they are and what their story might be.

We've done our part to help the Wisconsin economy since arriving. Ken loves roaming the art galleries, especially those with pottery. And yes, we have a new piece of art to bring home.

We're heading home tomorrow which will be a two day drive. I have a pad of paper with me so I can write about this beautiful place. What a setting for a story or novel. 

(Note:  I wrote this Tuesday evening and set it to be posted at 7 a.m. Wednesday. Guess what? It didn't work. Posting now at 4:20 p.m.)

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