Friday, April 20, 2012

Celebrate Poetry Month

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April is National Poetry month. So, what are you going to do to celebrate? A poetry website I found lists 30 ways to celebrate National Poetry month. I must admit there were some I'd probably never do, but a few others did seem possible. Check out their suggestions

Poetry is not for everyone but more people would gain an appreciation of it if they gave it a chance. What does a poem do?

A poem: 
can be soothing
paints a picture with words
conveys new ideas for some readers
can be beautiful
can be powerful
can be emotional
might tickle your funnybone
is sometimes difficult to understand

What other things do you think a poem can be? What does poetry do for you? Or does it turn you off? Tell us why with a comment.

Sara Teasdale is one of my favorite poets. The website I've linked to gives you a brief biography of Ms. Teasdale and a list that will link you to her many poems. The poem I've included below is lovely and bears reading more than once. In fact, most poems should be read multiple times. I find that I see more with each reading. Start celebrating April's National Poetry Month by reading Sara Teasdale's words. (Note that many poems use the first line as title)

"I Have Loved Hours at Sea"
I have loved hours at sea, gray cities,
The fragile secret of a flower,
Music, the making of a poem
That gave me heaven for an hour;

First stars above a snowy hill,
Voices of people kindly and wise,
And the great look of love, long hidden,
Found at last in meeting eyes.

I have loved much and been loved deeply --
Oh when my spirit's fire burns low,
Leave me the darkness and the stillness,
I shall be tired and glad to go. 
Sarah Teasdale


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