Monday, March 19, 2012

A New Day For Knowonder!

Knowonder! is an online magazine for kids. Once a print publication, it went online with the premise of printing a brand new story each day. It went from no-pay for authors to being able to pay $10 per story. Read the home page to learn how the editor almost had to dissolve the entire project but then found new life through a large donation which will now allow payment of $25-50 per story.

It's not easy to find 30 or 31 quality tales for kids month after month. Editor, Phillip J. Chipping, has done an admirable job with the help of two volunteer associate editors. When Mr. Cushing found new and good  funding for his endeavor, he quit his job and is giving it his full-time attention.

I've had several stories published at Knowonder!  One of them, "There's A Dragon In The Library," has been listed in the Top 15 Stories. The editor also used this story as an example in the guidelines section of the website. I wasn't aware of either of these gold stars for Nancy until I was cruising through the website one day. Certainly pleased me very much, especially since the dragon story is one I loved writing.

Take some time to read all the pages on the Knowonder! website. Their aim is to promote reading and to give parents an aid to do this with read-aloud stories for younger children and read-alone stories for the older ones already able to read. There are some good articles for parents and grandparents concerning reading with and for children in the For You By You section.

For writers, the most important page on the website is the submit page. It's here that you will learn what kind of stories are being sought. I was amazed at the detailed information given in this section.. There's a lot to read, but it will be worth your effort. The editor makes it very clear what he wants and also gives excellent examples.There is a submission form when you're ready to send a story. You might be tempted to read only the Short Version of the guidelines, but it will be to your benefit to read the Long Version. It's akin to taking a class on writing for children.

The new version of Knowonder! will not begin until June 1st, but that's only two months away, so now's the time to submit to this very fine magazine for children. Meanwhile, use it frequently to read to and with your own kids and grandkids.

Other stories I've had published at Knowonder! are "Where's Pete,"  "Angels In The Snow,"  and "A Feast For Oscar."  My first story for Knowonder! was in the print edtion in November 2009. "The Boy Who Wanted A Tail" was a story based on a real situaiton with my son when he was around 4.

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