Friday, February 24, 2012

Call For Submissions Times Two

Writers salivate at a new Call for Submissions announcement. This morning, I have two I'd like to share with you. Both are new to me, so I can't verify the quality of the publications, but they looked good when I read through the website pages. 

The first one is Write Integrity Press. They are looking for non-fiction stories of 1,000 words or less for three new anthologies. The titles are: Life Lessons From MOMS, Life Lessons From DADS, and Life Lessons From TEACHERS. They have had previous Life Lesson anthologies. Payment is $25 per story, a copy of the book, a byline and bio. One photo may be sent with the story. Deadline for submission is March 30, 2012. To read full guidelines, look here

You might want to look through the other pages on this website. In About Us there is an explanation of the type of publishing this company deals in. Besides the anthology submissions, this page may be of interest to those who have a book they would like to have published. 

Second call is from a new online journal called Northwind which publishes fiction, non-fiction and poetry. A writer friend alerted me when she discovered this market, new to both of us. Submission guidelines are lengthy but clear. They pay $150 for one story per issue. All contributors will receive a  dedicated page with their story or poem and a place for bio, link to website and photo. No cash, but that's still a help to any writer who is building a platform. 

Northwind accepts longer pieces than many other online journals. There appears to be a big trend for flash fiction and micro-fiction, but sometimes it's nice to settle down with a cup of tea or coffee and delve into a lengthy, entertaining story. Just remember to make everything in a longer story relevant, no adding a thousand details that are really not necessary to the story itself. 

Northwind requires that readers and those submitting register. There is a short form to fill in that is quick and free. Once registered, you have access to the full site and can send a submission. 

Spend some time reading the stories and poetry on this journal before submitting your own work. 

My next task is to send a submission to Life Lesson anthology. How about you?

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