Friday, January 6, 2012

Cotton Bowl Game Day

Today is Game Day for the Kansas State University wildcats in Dallas.They are playing in the Cotton Bowl at 7 tonight. Ken and I will be there along with our son and his two daughters. Alexis and Gracen are already avid K-State fans. 

Figures since the oldest one had a K-State purple nursery almost sixteen years ago, thanks to her dad. Deep purple walls with white woodwork, white nursery furniture and a soft gray carpet. It was actually very pretty. I made her a quilt with shades of lavender, purple and white. So this girl was a K-State fan from the day she came home from the hospital. And her little sister fell into the very same pattern. It's nice to have a famiy that enjoys all this football craziness (and basketball) together.

We'll be off to Jerry Jone's place to tailgate as soon as te girls get home from school. The pulled pork is simmering in the crockpot as I write this, and I'll fix some cole slaw and pick up some chips and dips at the grocery store later today since my son and his wife are both at work.Various beverages in a cooler and we'll be ready.

The game is being played at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, not the old Cotton Bowl which has seen better days. I'm looking forward to seeing this fantastic-sounding place. We've heard a lot about it thanks to the many sports writers covering both teams.

The team arrived last Saturday and they've been entertained royally all week, with some practice time tossed in. It's a tremendous experience for these young student-athletes. They'll come home with a sackful of gifts, including a ring, and lots of memories. 

I hope the players are not as nervous about the game as I am. Arkansas is a powerhouse in the SEC conference, but we've got a great season record of 10-2. It should be a good game. I only hope we come away smiling, not shedding a tear or two. Win or lose, at the end of the game, I feel like all those young men on the field are my sons, and I have a mother's reaction first, then a fan reaction. 

Back to my writing world on the blog next Monday after I tell you whether I came home smillng or not.


  1. It was a great game last night! Kansas State played a good game and should be very proud of themselves it was one of my favorite game this year. I do hope that the KS player that was injured is okay I really hate to see players hurt no matter which team they are on.

    As as Arkansas fan I'm still hyped up over the win and am so very proud of our team this year. They had an amazing season with an 11-2 record and only being defeated by the SEC's top teams Bama early in the season and LSU only days after the loss of Garrett Uekman #88.

    Both Kansas St and Arkansas showed just how tough they are and hopefully earned some much deserved support and respect after this season.
    Wooo Pig Sooie!

  2. Joy-thank you so much for taking time to comment. I thought it was a great game, too. Two good teams. Our guys had a hard time getting started but then began to play like they had all year. We're as proud of them as you are of your team. Go Cats!