Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Choices In Your Writing Life

We have choices to make in our writing life. They they are looming in front of us, all lined up like ducks in a shooting gallery. It's up to us to decide. 

Should we pick one kind of writing and stay with it? Or should we branch out and try various things? If I've written four novels, should I suddenly veer off into the world of non-ficiton? Or should I attempt to write poetry? Or memoir? That's one of the nicest parts of being a writer. We don't have to stay on one path unless we're totally happy with writing in only one area. 

It's a personal thing. No two people are going to look at the choices in the same way. All the things that make you a unique individual come into play here. What's right for Writer A may be a horrendous choice for Writer B. So, don't measure yourself by what other writers have decided to do. Do what's right for you.

You have other choices to make in your writing life. Do you want to be published or write only for yourself and perhaps your family and close friends? Do you want to aim for the small markets or shoot for the big ones? 

Many areas of writing offer us many choices. I ran across a good quote recently which fits quite well in deciding what you want in your writing life. It said Everyone has 3 choices in life: give up, give in, or give it your all. Which one will you choose?

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