Thursday, January 19, 2012

Be A Fighter

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When we were children, our parents tried to teach us to settle problems with words. They didn't want to raise a fighter. Oh sure, they did tell us that we had a right to fight if we were defending ourselves, but they sure didn't want us out there fighting with every kid who came along. 

But here you are now--a writer who made the choice to ...give it your all.  In yesterday's post I mentioned a quote I saw and liked which said In life there are 3 choices: give in, give up, or give it your all. I'm hoping most people would choose the last one. In order to do that, you have to be a  fighter. Not literally like kids on a playground.

You can't let a rejection from an editor stop your writing journey. You might feel like giving up, but if you want your story published, you can't do that. It's time to move on  and send your work to another publication. Keep on sending it, keep on revising and editing, but don't give up. Keep fighting!

What about the give in part of that quote? Are you willing to fight with an editor or agent about making changes in your story? Or will you meekly sit back and let them rewrite your story? Granted, there are times that the editor is absolutely correct about needed changes, but put up a fight until they convince you that their way is the better way. 

When I say we should fight, I don't mean that we should rant and rave and become obnoxious. That's the quickest way to lose the battle--and an agent or editor. But you can stand up for what you believe about your story. You don't need boxing gloves when a softer approach can accomplish your needs. It's a two-way street. They talk, you listen. You talk, they listen. And somewhere you need to find a compromise. But that won't happen if you don't give it your all.

Be a fighter in the way you write, too. Don't dash off a piece in a hurry and expect it to fly out the door to be published in a major publication. Give it your all! If you do, I guarantee it is going to be a better piece and have a greater chance of publication. 

It all comes down to attitude. Pick the right choice of the three in the quote and you've also gotten the right attitude. 

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