Monday, November 21, 2011

A Writer's Thankfulness List

It's Thanksgiving week which brings to mind many holiday dinners in the past when someone at the table starts to verbally list things he is thankful for. When he finishes, he turns to the person next to him and says, "How about you? What are you thankful for?" And it keeps going around the table with rapid reduncancy since many of us are thankful for the same things. It's done with sincerity by the person who flips the switch to Thankfulness, but often others groan at the mere thought of having to contribute. Rather than make a scene by refusing, we comply. We sometimes surprise ourselves at what pops out.

Today I'm going to flip the Thankfulness switch to On for writers. What blessings are there in your writing world? What parts of your writing life are you truly thankful for? Or have you ever thought about it? Do you keep your personal life and writing life separated by a six foot wide moat or do you blend the two together?

Take a few minutes sometime this week to think about gratitude for what your writing life has given you. Make a list. You can do it. You're a writer! Post your list somewhere visible and keep it there as a reminder when your writing life is slow or seems hopelessly stuck. What started out as a thankful list could turn into encouragement to soldier on.

My Writing World Thankfulness List
I am thankful for:
1.  doing something that I enjoy to the fullest extent
2.  having the opportunity to share my thoughts with others through publication
3.  the many good friends I've made
4.  the opportunity to learn to be more patient
5.  the joy that writing a good story/essay/poem brings
6.  being able to be creative
7.  the growth I've seen in my writing over the years
8.  rejections which make me take a harder look at my work
9.  the mental exercise writing affords me
10. a way to offer encouragement or entertainment to others

This is only a beginning. I'm sure I'll think of others as the week goes on. I hope you will, also.


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