Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Conference Report--Travel Day

It's a bright, warm morning in Kansas City. October 25th and already 67 degrees at 8:30 a.m. It is to reach the mid-80's by afternoon, same as yesterday. Then real October weather returns on Wednesday. We've been blessed with a warm fall this year, and I hope it continues right through the winter--warmer than usual, that is.

Today is Travel Day. Soon, Ken will take me to the airport where the waiting game begins. Flying has gotten to be a drag but is a means to an end, so we continue to do it. Wait to check in, wait in the line for security, then wait until boarding time, wait on the tarmac for clearance to take off. At the other end, it's wait for your luggage to show up. But then, all of a sudden, it's over and you forget all about it.

The one good thing is that airports are great places to people watch and look for stories. They're right in front of you, but you have to look for them. Also a good place to studay characters for your fiction stories.

By late afternoon, I'll be renewing friendships and meeting some who will become friends by week's end. This will be a free day, as will tomorrow. The conference actually begins with dinner on Wednesday evening. The microsoft specialist who attends our conferences does all the cooking. How great is that? She loves to cook, and we all benefit from the good food she produces.

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