Friday, October 28, 2011

Conference--Day 4

This is a picture my writer friend, Annette Gendler, put on her blog yesterday. She's here at the conference with me. I don't think she'll mind if I borrow her picture. Looks peaceful here, doesn't it? It most definitely is, even yesterday when it rained off and on all day. This morning, the sun has returned, and the scene before me as I write this is one that is totally soul-soothing.

Yesterday, we had some very good sessions. Some of the people making the presentations had writing exercises for us to do along with the excellent information they shared. One woman spoke about screenwriting for movies and TV. I would never do that type of writing, but I found it fascinating from a viewer's point.

And there was more good food. A Build Your Own Taco Bar last night with some of the best things to do it with. A homemade guacamole that I could have eaten out of the bowl with a spoon!

Today will be a full day with more sessions, mine included. I'm going to talk about writing for anthologies. I plan to open with a great quote a friend put on facebook. It works for writers or anyone else. It says Don't look back. You're not going there.

Tomorrow, the woman doing our presentation is in Paris and will come to us via skype. Technology is great!


  1. The woman doing the presentation via Skype tomorrow better get her slides in order! :) Looking forward to it.

  2. Rock it, WAC!!!! jb