Friday, September 9, 2011

Take A Break

We're going to spend the week-end at a lake with our daughter and her family. The temperatures have moderated nicely from the blistering heat we experienced all summer, so it should be a great time to be on the water. Our two youngest grandchildren are definitely lake kids after being there nearly every week-end since last spring. At 5 and 8, they're deep into swimming, fishing and boating.

I've got a long list of writing projects that I should be working on, but just like housework, they will still be there when I get home in a couple days. The one pressing job--a minor editing of a manuscript for an editor--I managed to get done. The rest will wait while I take a break from my writing world.

Taking a little time away from your writing world serves more than one purpose. It's good to have a change in your daily routine, good to have a bit of a rest and some enjoyment. But best of all, I've found that when I return home, I'm more than ready to tackle the list of writing chores. In fact, I can hardly wait to get goin

Take a little break from your writing world, even if you do nothing more than stay home and do everything BUT writing. It just may inspire you to unknown heights when you start writing again.

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  1. Plus, you may find a few ideas for stories. Have a fun weekend!