Thursday, September 8, 2011

Books On Writing

Yesterday, I promised to tell you about some of the writing books I like.

One that has been a longtime favorite, and is not outdated, is by Nancy Kress. The title says it all--Beginning, Middles, and Endings. I don't have the book in my personal library, but I check it out every now and then and read it, so  again.

Write Away by Elizabeth George, the mystery writer, is one I picked up in England. It, too, is well worth reading to hone your fiction skills.

The Power of Memoir byLinda Joy Meyers is one of the newest I have in my library. It's an invaluable tool for memoir writers. One chapter on memory triggers is worth the price of the book.

Creative Nonfiction by Phillip Gerard is a good reference for those who write for anthologies like Chicken :Soup for the Soul. It, too, is a relatively new book.

I have a brand new book to read that is also by Nancy Kress. It's titled Characters, Emotion and Viewpooint, a self-explanatory title if there ever was one. Ms. Kress is an award winning novelist, writes a fiction column for Writers Digest magazine and has penned a number of writing skills books for Writers Digest. You can't go wrong with any of her books.

Writing and Publishing Personal Essays by Sheila Bender is another excellent source for those who write creative nonfiction for magazines and anthologies.

Spend some time in a bookstore browsing the shelves that hold books on writing to see what appeals to you. Go to and read summaries and reviews of some of the titles you're interested in.
Then begin adding to your own personal writers library.

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