Friday, August 26, 2011

WWII Novels

There seems to be a plethora of novels set during WWII. I wrote about The Soldier's Wife last week, and in a post last year, I wrote about reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society. There have been many others including Sarah's Key, Winter Garden, and a brand new one that I'm reading now--The Girl In The Blue Beret. All of the above are set in the European theater of war, but there are also books set in the Pacific theater.One I talked about a few weeks ago is titled Beside A Burning Sea.

For a reason unknown to me, I have always gravitated to novels set during WWII years. Perhaps because  that era was part of my childhood, and I still remember bits and pieces of wartime shortanges, newsreels in theaters, a trip on a troop train and more. Or is it because, as horrible as it was, a tremendous number of good stories have come out of those years. So, the publishing trend of these novels suits me just fine

Place/setting is of great importance in a story, and in these wartime novels, place is of prime importance. It's also one easy for a novelist to research, or perhaps remember.

WWII novels are at the forefront ahead of ones about Korea or Vietnam because it was a war that was fought with more honor, fewer politics and  we came out victorious. Not so easy to say that about wars the USA has been involved in befyond the 1940's.

Novels do go in trends as do nonfiction books. Memoirs came roaring to the front of the nonfiction lists quite some time ago, and they are still popular. Is it our innate curiosity that makes us read them, to want to peek inside other people's lives. Will the memoir book suddenly take a nosedive?  An unknown, but I think that they will stay around a long time because we've learned that the past is important to our future, particularly so in families. And that allows me one more time to stress the importance of writing your famiy stories!

But I've strayed from the original subject quite a bit. As I said, I do like WWII novels, but many people may not. If you think it's a period you don''t care about or want to know more about, try one of the novels mentioned above and see how you like it. It's like your mother making you try just a bite of something to see if you liked it when you were a toddler. If you don't try, you'll never know.


  1. I enjoy reading novels of WWII era, probably because my mother was a young woman during that time. I'll be interested to hear your opinion of the book you are reading now.

  2. Hi Nancy, I was tagged with a Liebster award and have selected you as one of my choices for passing on the honor. Please see my latest blog entry for details.