Monday, August 29, 2011

An Unexpected Award

I did a last e-mail check just before toddling off to bed last night, and I found a message that made my day. Fatigue floated away when I read that Tracy Millions had named me as a recipient of the Liebster Award. I'd never heard of it, so I trekked on over to Tracy's blog to read more about it. There I learned it's an award meant to connect bloggers, particularly those who have less than 200 Followers. In the blog world, i'ts a Friendship Award.

Each person who receives it is asked to pass it on to five other bloggers who might qualify as a friend who has a blog with fewer than the 200 Followers. I read what Tracy had to say about the people she named for the award, and it seemed as though I would like every one of those people, and I definitely intedn to check out their blogs. I was also very pleases with what she had to say about me and my blog.

 I also select Nancy for this award as she is a writer (yes, Kansan) who encourages other writers to create and submit and take chances and try new writerly things. She is a very accomplished, yet down-to-earth writer who has practical advice for writing as well as encouraging words.

So, now it's my turn. I'd like to give the Liebster Award to the following people who blog and are my friends, too.

1. Fiona who goes by Fi most of the time. She lives in the Forest of Dean in the UK and is one of the most energetic writers I know. She flies above the clouds with good cheer for other wirters. She is an excellent writer and a fine friend to have.

2.  Mary because I admire many things about her. She is a talented graphic designer, an excellent writer, and she lives in my old hometown--Chicago--so I feel a real connection in that respect, too. 

3.  Betty, known to many as B.J., because she was one of my first Followers and has always supported my blog with comments and faithful reading. She is also determined to hone her craft. When she couldn't find a critique group, she started one. Her blog showcases her short stories and an occasional poem.

4.  Tom writes historical novels and some poetry. He encourages other writers through his blog and facebook, with a fine dose of humor tossed in. His blog posts are varied and always of interest.

5.  Annette writes memoir and teaches writing classes in Chicago. She has a wealth of good information for writers on her blog. I am also thankful for the many little tips she's passed on to me to make my blog easier to write and to read. 

I hope each of the five people I named will pass on the award to other bloggers, so that the goal of connecting bloggers around the world is met. It will also bring some new readers for each blogger. Notify them by leaving a comment on their blog, which is how Tracy informed me. 

Thank you, Tracy, for the recognition. Liebsters forever!


  1. Thank you, Nancy! I'm thrilled. And what a great idea this Liebster Award is. I'll definitely be nominating five blogger friends.

  2. Thank you Nancy! I never would have expected to receive an award, but accept it gratefully and will be sure to pass it along.

  3. Congratulations, Nancy! I'll be checking out the blogs I don't yet know. ;-)

  4. You are most welcome... and I knew you'd come up with more inspirational writing blogs to explore. Thanks!