Thursday, July 21, 2011

Write About The Heat

With a heat wave extending across a major portion of the USA, we may feel like the ice cream truck pictured above. Record number of days over 100 degrees in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas right now. It's one contest no one wants to win. And the triple digit temps are spreading to the northern states as well.
Maybe it's best to stay inside and write about the heat since we can't seem to turn it off. It would be a good writing exercise. First, make a list of words that make us think of something hot. I'll start it and you can add to it:
1. scorching
2. searing
3. boiling
4. broiling
5. steaming
Next, write a paragraph or two (or three) describing a place where the heat is stifling. Oops, there's another word for your list. Consider that this description will end up in a short story or novel. Make the readerfeel the heat through the words you choose. Make your characters sweat bigtime.
Then, treat yourself to an ice cream cone, preferably from the freezer, not the truck above.

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