Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Spread Your Writer Wings

You're a freelance writer, so you spend a lot of time alone because writing is a one-woman (or man) occupation. You don't have the social bits that occur when working for a large corporation or even in a small office. It's you and maybe your cat or dog.

It's a known fact that all humans need social stimulation from time to time, so you need to spread your wings and be around people now and then. One way is to promote your writing through book signings, if you've been fortunate enough to have a book published. If not a book, then perhaps public readings of your short stories or personal essays, or even poetry. My state authors organization has a speakers bureau and all a writer needs to do is sign up. Let people in your community know that you're available to do programs about your writing. Once you plant the seed, it will most likely bloom within time. Local radio stations are open to using local writers on talk shows, but it's up to you to let them know you're willing and available.

Join a critique group. You'll have a social outlet and also be with people who have a common interest. Attend a writers conference or seminar. Again, you socialize and you're with people who you can converse with about writing. Besides that, you stand to gain some knowledge or perhaps even a little confidence after listening to successful writers.

There's more to be a writer than sitting at your computer typing words on a keyboard. Spread your writer wings and see the benefits to your writing world.

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