Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Wordsmith

I've recently renewed acquaintance with a writer whom I knew a number of years ago when we both had work published at a website called 2TheHeart. The website began publishing less and less, and the community of writers moved on in other directions.
Linda Carlson is an accomplished poet and prose writer who now showcases her work and that of other writers at  Click on Enter and a wonderful world of stories and poems to read will open to you. On the page where you select stories and poetry to read, there is also a submission link near the bottom of the page for writers, published or unpublished, to submit their work for the website.
If your work appears on  The Wordsmith, I guarantee that it will be showcased beautifully. Linda's entire site is filled with lovely graphics and backgrounds. I sent her one of the stories I had published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, and I was amazed at what she did to make it sparkle and shine. Take a look at "Wish Upon A Star" at
Spend some time at The Wordsmith and you'll end up with a fine appreciation of what Linda Carlson has accomplished  and an admiration for her, as well.


  1. What a nice gesture on Linda's part, to showcase other writers this way.

    I clicked over from the WOW blog, and enjoyed browsing here :)

  2. Thanks very much. I hope you'll come back again.