Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fifty Plus Years Of Memories

Today and tomorrow, I'm going to attend my fifty year college class reunion. A friend contacted me months ago saying we all needed to make the supreme effort to make it for this special reunion. I've never gone to any of the reunions since I graduated in 1961, so if not now--when?

My university has grown to about six times the number of students in these fifty years. I wonder if I can even find the dorms I lived in. There are new buildings everywhere from what I've been told. I've spent the last week thinking about those college days and one memory after another has surfaced. Fodder for stories!

I've kept in touch with several of my close college friends and several of them will be there. I wonder if we'll recognized one another. I'm no longer the redhead! I have a feeling we will all have some shade of gray now, but the girls we were are still inside. I'm hoping they provide name tags with large print!

Back in the fifties, when I started college, Illinois State was a Normal school, one that offered degrees in the education field only. Now, it's liberal arts, which is the reason it grew to a much larger universty.

I'm looking forward to this two day reunion. Hope to post more about it tomorrow. As I say so often, there are stories everywhere we go. Look around you today. No matter what you do, or where your day takes you, you should be able to find a story worth writing about.

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