Friday, May 27, 2011

Writers Need A Dose of Courage

Remember the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz? He journeyed with Dorothy and others to visit the magical, mystical Wizard to obtain courage. Instead of a confident lion, he was a scaredy-cat.

Have you ever waded into waters that became so deep you were soon in over your head? You need courage to tread water and/or swim to shore. Sometimes we feel like we're in way too deep in our writing world, and you need some confidence in yourself to come out on top. You're not alone if you feel this way.

1. It takes courage to make that first submission to a print or online publication.
2. It takes courage to open the envelope that you know holds a rejection.
3. It takes courage to write a novel after you've spent years composing short stories.
4. It takes courage to venture into non-fiction if you've always written fiction.
5. It takes courage to write poetry for the first time
6. It takes courage to accept a speaking engagement related to your writing.
7. It takes courage to actually say I am a writer.
8. It takes courage to promote your writing to others.
9. It takes courage to commit to a major writing project or weekly column.
10. It takes courage to continue writing when you receive myriad rejections

Some synonyms for courage are: bravery, fearlessness, spirit, pluck, mettle, self-reliance, grit, backbone, guts, intestinal fortitude. Take your pick of any one of them to keep your writing world strong. You'll reap the rewards and have a feeling of satisfaction.

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