Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Clear Day

We've had some bad weather in the heartland this past week. Killer tornado in Joplin, MO, more tornadoes in Oklahoma and Kansas. Add to that days of heavy rain, hail and high winds, and you have a recipe for major concern if not downright fright for many people.

Yesterday, we were in Louisburg, KS at our daughter's home to attend Cole's pre-school graduation in the morning and Jordan's dance recital later in the day. After the graduation, we were driving through their small community when the skies darkened and the wind came up, rain pelted down. It looked ominous, and it was. Only seconds later we came upon a pick-up truck which had been flipped on its side. Suddenly, tornado sirens blared and an ambulance and police arrived on the scene. We drove around what we thought had been an accident, trying to decide where to go because of the loud and continual sirens.

Only later in the day did we learn that a small tornado had touched down where the pick-up truck had been. It lifted the truck, which was pulling a small faltbed trailer, into the air about ten feet and slammed it down on its side. The driver was not injured and crawled out the passenger side window. I have a feeling he may be mighty sore this morning, however. On our way back from lunch, we  passed the area again and noted several large trees which had been split, top to bottom, making them look like a stalk of broccoli. The storm was so fast that the sirens blew only AFTER it had  happened.
More tornadoes skipped up and down throughout the Kansas City area yesterday, also.

Heavy rains visited the region off and on all day. People watched TV to keep up on any new storms in their area.

Today, we woke to clear skies and sunshine. As Ken and I drove home to Manhattan, there was no evidence of the furor of nature that had visited our area. It could not help but lift our spirits, even though we are still aware of what the people in the hard-hit areas still have to face in the clean-up and rebuilding of their communities and their lives, especially those who have lost family and friends.

So often in our lives, the stormy times threaten to pull us so far down we fear we may never get up again. And then, a clear, sunny time arrives when we least expect it, and we're ready to meet the world and all that is in it again. No matter how long those dark times are, there is almost always a sunny day to come. May it ever be so.

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