Thursday, April 14, 2011

Let Us Celebrate As We Should

Easter is a Christian holiday. Easter eggs are a part of Easter. They are a symbol of rebirth and also of the rock that sealed the tomb in which Jesus lay before He rose. They are also a lot of fun for children who relish dyeing the eggs bright colors and then waiting for the Easter Bunny to hide them so they can hunt for the brightly hued hard-boiled eggs.

I read yesterday that a school in Seattle has ruled that the term Easter Egg is no longer allowed in school Instead, the children must refer to them as Spring Spheres. Granted, they are part of our springtime and they are spheres, but they are first and foremost, a symbol of our Easter celebration.

Why did the administration at this school change the name? Probably because they fear backlash from a few families who do not celebrate Easter and are unhappy with those that do. It is the same idea as those who are afraid to call a Christmas Tree what it is. Now, it must be known as a Holiday Tree so no one is offended. I am fully aware of the separation of church and state in our public school systems, but to use an Easter Egg term is not teaching religious scripture or retelling the story of Easter as Christians view it. Easter Eggs and Christmas Trees are a part of our American culture. The same as the Dreidel that is part of a Hanukkah celebration.

Tongue in cheek comments to a facebook post I made about this suggested other names for Easter Eggs--things like cone shaped conifer, or elliptical sphere, or colorful vernal oblate sphere. All ridiculous as is the one suggested by the school.

It's alright for each religion to have their own symbols and their own holidays. I have no problem whatsoever with that. But, please, please, don't try to change anyone's religious celebration as long as it is not part of the school day instruction. Let Christians celebrate Easter and Christmas as they have done for centuries. Let Jewish people celebrate Passover and Hanukkah as they always have. Let Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims celebrate their own holidays with their own traditions. Let school children decorate with traditions in mind.

Stop fearing the minority of people who complain. Once upon a time, this country lived with the premise that the majority rules. What has happened? It makes me angry and hurts me, as well. I will always use the term Easter Egg.

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