Monday, April 25, 2011

Internet Radio Stoies

Several weeks ago, I recorded some of my stories/essays for a brand new internet radio station here in Manhattan. Konza Radio is operated at the University for Man, which is a public education entity, affiliated with Kansas State University. UFM offers classes of all kinds for adults and kids. Getting into internet radio is a first for UFM.

I was told that eventually listeners could download programs on demand. Yesterday, I received a google alert message that indicated some of the stories I'd recorded were now able to be downloaded by internet users. I checked it out and found three of the thirteen stories I'd recorded. 

One is called "Sitting By A Soldier." The next one is "The No-Name Sisters" which is a true story written as fiction, and the third one is about a special teacher I had, titled "To Touch A Child." 

You can listen to these three by downloading them at  They were used by a program called Book Nook. Look about halfway down the page to the section headed Short Stories for the link. 

The radio station address is  You might find programs there of interest. 

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