Monday, April 11, 2011

A Good News Week

I just finished a 'good news' week. Every now and then, my writing world showers me with blessings, and last week was one of them. Those good weeks do a lot to make up for the ones when rejections rain from the skies like leaves blown in a windstorm. And they serve as a wonderful incentive to keep writing. Every success pushes a writer into writing another story.

The first good thing that occurred was that my memoir piece about Easter was published at  It's an inspirational website that publishes on a sporadic schedule. You never know when it will pop up in your inbox. And that's the same way with what they accept or reject. You never know they have accepted your submission until it's published. Nor do you hear regarding a rejection, but that's the way it is and if you keep that in mind when you submit, it's not a problem. I've had several memoir stories published there. With this last one, I dropped them a little note to say thanks for publishing the story. In return, I received a lovely note from the editor thanking me for my contributions to Heartwarmers over the years. It's a no-pay, but I like the concept and the stories that appear there. With that small gesture from the editor, you can bet I will continue to submit to them.

Next, Tom Mach, a writer from Lawrence, KS, posted a request for haiku poems on a facebook posting. On a whim, I sent him a fun haiku I'd written after learning something new in the tech world. He posted it on his blog. You can read it at .  Tom writes historical novels and poetry, and he blogs about both.

The week ended with a message from an editor at Unsent Letters. I've posted about this paying website before so won't go into the details here. You can read all about them at  I had submitted two letters for this interesting site. They are also compiling some of the letters as an anthology. The editor wrote to tell me that both my submissions were shortlisted and in the final cut process. She asked if they had been published previously, since only unpublished letters would go into the anthology. Previously published letters were to be in the blog only. I told her that both had been published previously but in a completely different form. Whether that counts or not remains to be seen. The pay is higher for the anthology than for the blog, but both are paying markets. Being thus encouraged, I submitted a third unsent letter to them last night, one I'd been working on and was ready to go. Do check out this site and read some of the letters to get an idea what kind of letters they seek.

When each new week begins, we have no idea what it will bring us. A friend learned this last week that she is to be a grandmother again, when she had no hopes of adding to her one and only grandchild. A lot of people dislike Mondays, but I don't. It's a new week, and maybe good things will happen. If they don't, there's always next Monday when we start all over again.

Wishing you all a very good week.


  1. Congratulations on your successful week! I'll have to check out Unsent Letters. I think I already have it bookmarked, but haven't submitted anything. Thanks!

  2. Nancy, congrats on the good week, may its energy carry you on through the bleaker ones!

  3. Thanks Annette. That's a good thought about a good week helping us through the grayer ones.