Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pursuing Your Dream

The picture above was taken about 8 or 9  years ago when our granddaughter, Gracen, tried out a drum set at her neighbor's house. Since she's wearing her tiara, I'm guessing it was her birthday. She looks pretty happy playing with those drums, doesn't she? Right then and there, she started pursuing a dream. She would be a drummer! And that dream has come true after taking drum lessons from the same neighbor and becoming the first chair drummer at her middle school this year. Yesterday was Gracen's 12th birthday. Pretty unusual to see a dream come true at that young age, but it didn't happen without some hard work and a good dose of talent. I have a feeling her success will continue as long as she keeps working hard, and I'm betting she will. We're pretty proud of what she's accomplished so far.

Writers have dreams, too. Whether it's writing the Great American Novel or being published in your local newspaper, we all have thoughts about where we would like to see our writing published. Or perhaps the dream is on a smaller scale, and all you want is to have a fat notebook full of stories about and meant for you family. Whatever it is, it's the gold ring we all want to grab.

Dreams do come true, but like our granddaughter's success with the drums, they seldom happen without a lot of time going by, a good deal of hard work, and some patience. It's not gonna happen without you putting everything you've got into it. So, keep beating your drums. It may take a long time, but it's worth the wait. 

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  1. Well said! What a talented granddaughter you have.