Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More On Unsent Letters

When I wrote about the Unsent Letters market yesterday, my purpose was to make other writers aware of a market they may not have known. I noted the announcement on the website's writer guidelines and submission pages saying that submissions were closed but would open again January 2011. Being that it was the end of February and the notice was still there, I grew concerned that maybe this market had gone the way of many others and was no longer in business. I would never purposely recommend a defunct market.

Last night, I sent a message through the Contact Me page on the website and voiced my concern. I was very pleased when I received an answer from the editor, Michelle Devon, in a very short time. She said that my timing was great since they'd planned to reopen the submissions today, March 1st.

So, do go ahead and work on one of those unsent letters and submit it at www.ourunsentletters.com  I did some thinking yesterday about all the people I never sent a letter to but might like to do so now. It rather amazed me at how my list grew. Have you started yours?

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