Monday, February 28, 2011

Ever Written An Unsent Letter?

The editor of one of the writer's newsletters I subscribe to talked today about keeping two journals. Every day, write in one about something you are grateful for on that day. And in the other one, write those rants and raves you wish you had the guts to do in person. Tell off the rude clerk or the man who cut in line. Sounds like a good way to relieve a bit of stress. The gratitude journal's not a bad idea either.

There's a website where you can rant and rave if you like and have it published and even get paid for it. That's a winner all round, isn't it? The site is Unsent Letters  ( ). The name pretty well explains itself. Go to the website to read the writers guidelines and read several samples of what they've accepted. No doubt you can come up with a letter of your own. And no, you do not have to publish it under your own name. You can do so anonymously. You're given that option.

The unsent letter can be something that has bugged you for years and you want to get it off your chest. Or it can be like the positive journal I mentioned earlier--a letter thanking someone for something. Take either path, it's your choice.

Payment is $10-25 per letter, possibly more if a picture accompanies the letter. And if your letter is selected to be put in the anthology in works, payment can go as high as $250. There is a note at the top of the Writers Guidelines and Submissions page that says submissions are closed until January 2011. Since this is February, I would go ahead and send something and see what happens. Do take time to read the guidelines and some of the letters on the website to get a feel for what is accepted.

Even if you don't get accepted, you might feel better for writing to whomever for whatever reason. Even if they never see it.

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